The Applique Society's mission is To Promote, to Teach, and to Encourage the Love of All Types of Applique in Quilting. We work to educate and promote public interest in the world of applique, as well as encourage and inspire creativity. The Applique Society (TAS) and its members want to ensure that the art of applique will continue through the generations. 


Important Notification of Changes to TAS

Dear Members,

The Board met this week to further discuss the future of TAS.  We have contacted the volunteers and are working with them to determine if they want the positions.  We hope that we will have a commitment from them soon. 

What we have heard from the membership is that they want to see TAS continue and, if TAS is going to continue, we discussed changes that need to be made to make TAS a viable organization.  Two major changes that will be made are:

Common renewal date - rather than have memberships expire on different dates, all members will renew on May 1 of every year.  This will make it easier for everyone to remember when their membership expires and  Notices of Renewal will go out to members in the months preceding May 1.  There will be no proration of dues for new members as once they become members, they have access to our full website which includes back issues of our Newsletter.  For the current members renewing in 2016, those members that renew prior to May 1, 2016, their dues will cover them from their 2016 renewal date through to May 1, 2017.  For current members renewing after May 1, 2016, their dues will cover them from their 2016 renewal date through to May 1, 2017.  As of May 1, 2017, all members will be renewing on May 1 into the future.

On-line Newsletters - TAS will be producing one more paper Newsletter.  The January/February 2016 issue will be the last issue you receive in the mail.  Effective with the March/April 2016 issue, you will access this via our website.  We will be issuing instructions on how to access the Newsletter in the January/February 2016 issue.  For those members who do not have email, they can ask another member to print a copy or go to their local library and access the TAS website from those computers.  As you read in the Financial Statements included with our last email, the bulk of TAS's expense is the Newsletter.  TAS was successful two years ago in reducing the Newsletter costs by switching to another printer.  Although this helped our finances, it was not enough.  We need to save the postage costs. 

We believe that these changes are ones that need to be made.  Other organizations are already operating successfully with a common renewal date and on-line Newsletters and we hope that the same will work for TAS.

We are advising you of our decisions, however, we need to point out that without the volunteers, we are still in a position of having to consider dissolving.  We really want to see TAS continue and again extend the plea for volunteers.  There is work to be done and we need people to assist us.

If you know of a member that does not have email, please let them know of our decisions.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Virginia Elliott
The Applique Society

In order to serve our membership more productively the TAS board is in the process of making some changes.  The board consists of a small handful of volunteers who are located throughout the country though several positions are centered in Sequim, WA. TAS needs more volunteers to help with membership, secretary, etc. Please consider asking us about volunteering or go to our website and download a copy of the volunteer form. You can also review the job descriptions and requirements online. The website is still in the process of being reformatted.  One of the things we are trying to do is make the TAS store more user friendly. Please note that we have changed our business hours. They are Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Time. Any orders submitted after hours or phone calls after hours will be processed or returned on the next business day. Please be aware that we do not have an official office for TAS. All TAS business is conducted in volunteer member homes. This makes TAS unique and enables us to serve you more personally. We appreciate your service and support. TAS would not be the amazing organization it is without member volunteers!

If you have changed your e-mail address within the past several months please send in your change so that we may update your profile. Whenever requesting help please be sure to send your membership number and the full name used for your membership form submission.


2014 Give Away Quilt


     What a wonderful and unexpected surprise winning this stunning quilt. It is a beautiful example of appliqué at its finest. The talented artists who worked on this quilt used the perfect combination of vibrant fabric and flawless craftsmanship. Thanks for the time and care that went into making this quilt. Having been a quilter for over twenty years, the most pleasure has come from appliquéing. This quilt is a welcome to my collection and will serve as inspiration for future projects. I am privileged to belong to the Adirondack Appliqué Artists in Lowville, New York. They are a talented and fun group of quilters and share the same love for appliqué.

Janice Moore 



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     When you become a member of TAS you will receive our Newsletter , published every two months. This 24-page publication contains lots of information and all the latest happenings in the applique world. The newsletter always includes at least two patterns, sometimes these are special designs created by TAS members, and given to all through the newsletter. The backbone of the organization is our members. Members from all over the world have joined together to share their love of applique with other members through our Chapters . We invite all our teachers, designers, and authors to take advantage of our TDA Resource List .

      Membership is open to all persons who enjoy the art of applique.  As a member of TAS you will be part of a fast growing, well-respected, worldwide organization devoted to the art of applique.

     Applique is a fast-growing interest in the quilting world and inspires a real passion in those interested in this process. Because of this common passion, The Applique Society is an exciting place to learn, express and appreciate the art of applique.