The Applique Society's mission is To Promote, to Teach, and to Encourage the Love of All Types of Applique in Quilting. We work to educate and promote public interest in the world of applique, as well as encourage and inspire creativity. The Applique Society (TAS) and its members want to ensure that the art of applique will continue through the generations. 


We have been making progress on our website transition to our new host company. In the next few weeks you will be experiencing website pages  under construction. We are currently in the process of transferring our "Members Only" and "TAS Store" for you to continue accessing the newsletters and membership renewals. Please be patient with us as these changes take place. Our staff is working very hard to move our membership and website forward.


TAS WILL CONTINUE to provide support for our members.

***In training we now have a new Web Master, Debra Anger and a new Membership Chair, Coleen O’Kane.  Both ladies are excited to take on the challenges before them and the current board members are looking forward to working with them.

After considerable debate and deliberation, the Applique Society Board is very excited to further announce the following changes:

*** as previously announced the newsletter will now be available ON-LINE ONLY.  The last printed issue will be the Jan/Feb issue.   Printing of the newsletters can be done at your local library, senior center or by family/friends. 

***as previously announced all members will pay their dues on the same date, May 1st of each year. 

*** The dues will be $25 for every member no matter where you live.  This is only fair since there will be no mailing & printing expenses involved after January.  The Board members have reviewed the dues structure and decided that from January 2016 for those members whose membership is due they will pay $25 and their membership will be good until May 1st, 2017.  Starting May 2016 the dues will be $25 yearly.  Since the entire year’s newsletters will be available online to new members there will be no prorating of dues. 

**Payment of dues:  TAS is using Pay Pal only as its credit card processor and checks will always be accepted via mail.  This is for your security as these are the two most secure means of payment.  When using Pay Pal you do not need to have a Pay Pal account to use them.   If in 2015 you paid your dues for two years then your membership will be good until May 2018. 

***We no longer have a 1-800 phone number so mailing or using Pay Pal will be the only options available to pay your dues.

We appreciate your understanding that changes needed to be made in order for The Applique Society to continue.  We have received many encouraging messages from you our members and your support and understanding is so welcomed.   

If you know of a member that does not have email, please let them know of our decisions.
Please contact me at if you have any questions.
Virginia Elliott
The Applique Society


Please note that we have changed our business hours. They are Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Time. Any orders submitted after hours or phone calls after hours will be processed or returned on the next business day. Please be aware that we do not have an official office for TAS. All TAS business is conducted in volunteer member homes. This makes TAS unique and enables us to serve you more personally. We appreciate your service and support. TAS would not be the amazing organization it is without member volunteers!

If you have changed your e-mail address within the past several months please send in your change so that we may update your profile. Whenever requesting help please be sure to send your membership number and the full name used for your membership form submission.  



     When you become a member of TAS you will receive our Newsletter , published every two months. This 24-page publication contains lots of information and all the latest happenings in the applique world. The newsletter always includes at least two patterns, sometimes these are special designs created by TAS members, and given to all through the newsletter. The backbone of the organization is our members. Members from all over the world have joined together to share their love of applique with other members through our Chapters . We invite all our teachers, designers, and authors to take advantage of our TDA Resource List .

      Membership is open to all persons who enjoy the art of applique.  As a member of TAS you will be part of a fast growing, well-respected, worldwide organization devoted to the art of applique.

     Applique is a fast-growing interest in the quilting world and inspires a real passion in those interested in this process. Because of this common passion, The Applique Society is an exciting place to learn, express and appreciate the art of applique.


Share the Spirit of Appliqué

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