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Below you will find links and a brief description of some of the pages you can visit on our site. 

  1. TAS Home Page : Is our main Welcome Page to our Website.  Contains the TAS Mission Statement and general information about becoming a member of TAS.  The home page also features our Anual Give Away Quilt!
  2. TAS Store:  You may purchase your membership here.  You can also purchase other items such as back issues of Newsletters, pins, patterns, bags with TAS logos, and attire with the TAS logo.
  3. TAS Members ONLY area : You must be an active member to access this area. The Membership area provides access to the Online TAS Newsletter, access to our TAS CHAT & TAS Guesbook and various other material that is only available to TAS Members.
  4. Join Renew page:   This page will provide instructions for purchasing a TAS membership or Renewing your TAS membership.
  5. Contact US page : This page provides the contact information for TAS Leadership and support team members if you need to contact them via e-mail.  It also provides the TAS phone number and address.
  6. About US page : This page provides a description of TAS. On this page you will also find links to the History of TAS,  the Board of Directors and the TAS Bylaws.
  7. Chapters page : This page provides information on Chapters, including US, Canadian, International and Virtual Chapters.  It also contains links to the Chapter Leader pages and has information on how to start a chapter of your own.
  8. Events : A calendar listing various events each month, including TAS events and also other events posted by TAS members.
  9. Just Applique : A "just for fun" page that has links to patterns, interesting articles, photos, and general answers to Applique questions that you may have. It contains links to the Show and Share page, the FREE Pattern page and the Art of Applique page.
  10. Links : Encourages our Link exchage and contains other various links including TAS Chapters, Organizations and Guilds, Tour Services, Teachers and Designers, Magazines and general misc links.
  11. Lost Quilts : Lists information and photos of lost Quilts.
  12. Museums : Information on Museums
  13. News : Information on the TAS Newsletter
  14. Patterns : Lists patterns for sale and also a link to FREE patterns.
  15. Retreats
  16. Show and Share
  17. TAS Shops
  18. TAS Quilt Shows
  19. Teachers, Designers and Authors  
  20. TAS Board of Directors




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