Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I opt-out of receiving my Newsletter by mail, then how do I review my Newsletter?

A: If you elected to receive your newsletters online and not get them in the mail, your newsletter will not be emailed to you. You will go to the "Members Only" site and view them. You may save them to your hard drive, a CD or a flash drive. You can also print them in Color, Black and White or Grayscale.

Q: If I join TAS as a NEW member, will I receive a member number at that moment

and have immediate access to the Member's Only page?

A: If you join The Appliqué Society [TAS] online you will not get your membership number from the website? The TAS Membership team will email you your membership number after they get through processing your membership. They will also mail you your membership card. You will not be able to access the "Members Only" site until the Tuesday or Friday after they have finished processing your membership. Your membership will be process within two days of receiving the membership form you filled out when joining or renewing.

Q: Does TAS have sponsors and who operates TAS?

A: TAS is a non profit corporation and does not have sponsors. TAS business is mainly conducted by volunteers from their homes. The 800 number is located in the President's home. The Board members are not all in Washington State, nor is the TAS Editor.

Q: How are memberships promoted, and how can I help promote TAS?

A: TAS depends on its members to help promote memberships. One way to do this is to host a boothin their local quilt shows to sell memberships. If you are interested in doing this, we have what we call a "Presentation in a Box" that has all the paperwork and information to help you promote TAS. All you need is to show off your appliqué items and maybe a tablecloth for your table if the quilt show does not supply one.

Q: How can I start a Chapter?

A: Did you know it only takes three members to start a chapter? A chapter does not have to have a President, Secretary etc. It only needs a Chapter Leader and or a Contact Person. If you are interested contact the Chapter
Coordinator at

Q: I am a pattern designer, can I share my pattern and have it published in the TAS Newsletter?

A: TAS is always looking for patterns for the newsletter and we welcome those of you who like to design a pattern but not yet ready to publish them yourself. Donate a pattern to TAS for one year and get your name out to those who may be interested in purchasing more of your patterns.

Q: How can I become a TAS Teacher, Designer or Author?

A: You can be on our TDA listing (Teachers, Designers and Authors). Our members are always looking for some to teach an appliqué class, looking for patterns or looking for a new appliqué book. If you are interested contact Sherri Fields at