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                                                                                                                             April 2019

Hello everyone, There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes the last three months to bring to the Pacific Northwest The Applique Society (TAS) Annual Meeting. We are very excited to share with you all the details of this May 18, 2019 Annual Meeting. The place of the meeting will be at the Stillaguamish Senior Center 18308 Smokey Pt. Blvd - Arlington, WA 98223 TAS began in the Pacific Northwest in 1997. What a wonderful way to celebrate 22 years by having the return of the Annual Meeting of TAS members in the Pacific Northwest again.
At the Annual Meeting we will announce and introduce the new TAS board, review the TAS financials, talk about the future of TAS and we will have a Question and Answer time. There will be Applique Quilts on display, Show and Share time, and a lovely Luncheon catered by Urban Pantry with options for dietary restrictions Urban Pantry has a great menu for us and it includes Meat options, Vegan options and Gluten free options. Check out their website to see the foods they make. Their list of food options, delivery and set up, plus great customer service was their selling point. It reminds me of when you find a great restaurant that serves great food and you want to keep going back to it. Please go to the link for the TAS 2019 Annual Meeting Registration Form for all the details and costs. We need to have your Catered Luncheon Fee by 8 May 2019 to the address on the form for ordering food for our event. We are making available seating for 8 members per table for those arriving together and who want to sit together.
After lunch we will introduce our special guest Teacher, Kathy Dunigan. We have limited class size for her. 30 students will have an opportunity to learn from Kathy. Her class fee for the 5-1/2 hour class is $40 for TAS members and $50 for non TAS members. Kathy’s kits are $25 and payable to her at class. Class attendance will be determined by order of returned Postmark letter date. Please send in your Teacher registration form ASAP so we can tell Kathy Dunigan how many Kits she needs to bring for her class. 


There also will be Applique Techniques Demonstrations to give you Skills learning opportunities. You will learn from some great people you will love meeting. Come and learn something new or a new way to do something you already know how to do. And of course there will be a Sit and Sew time.
You can shop with our local Quilt shop vendor Quilters Coop in Stanwood. Joann Maxon has a wonderful shop and those who have met her and been in her shop keep coming back.
In other news, we have a local hotel, Best Western-Plus that has given us a special price for rooms for those that may travel some distance or would just like to have a day to explore all the opportunities for shopping and sightseeing in the area. All of this information will be posted on the TAS website under the TAB – 2019 TAS Annual Meeting. These Blocks of rooms are only available to reserve until May 1, 2019 at this price of $124. Options are for 2 Queen Beds or 1 King bed. Available dates are 17th & 18th May with checkout 19th May, 2019.
HOTEL Address: Best Western Plus, Arlington/Marysville Washington – 3721 - 172nd NE Arlington, WA 98223 phone 360-363-4321
In other news…We also have been working with the Apple-K-Ers Chapter of Yakima, Washington. Yakima will be taking advantage of Kathy Dunigan being in the area and will also have her teach there on May 14.
REMEMBER TO VOTE. We need 5% of the membership to vote to validate the election of the new Board of Directors and Officers of The Applique Society. The Ballot is in the March/April 2019 TAS Newsletter. Please print the ballot and mail it today.
Row by Row challenge:
Become a member of The Applique Society to have access to the free ROW by ROW challenge series.

TAS Member Karen Grover and the Stateline Appliquers created this Row by Row challenge Block.
Did you know the all-girls baseball team started in Rockford Illinois? They were called the Rockford Peaches.
Did you know the Sock Monkey is made in Rockford Illinois?

Rockford, Illinois is known as the Forest City. In the past there was a focus on planting and saving the trees that fill the city. Coming to Rockford gives you lots of opportunities to share its Swedish heritage, a world renown Japanese Garden, the Rock River winding through town with parks and paths lining its borders, and a multitude of theater, art, music (including Cheap Trick), and other features. Two of the most visible Rockford attractions are well known even outside of the city.
I have chosen two of these features to highlight the Rock River/Forest City row by row design. The first of these is the Sock Monkey. Sock Monkeys are sold worldwide and can be seen at the Sock Monkey Museum found at Midway Village, a historical site that includes a home town main street, the WWI and WWII re-enactments, and various other historical items. The sock monkey is made from socks produced by Nelson Knitting Company. In 1955, the company was awarded the patent for the doll and Rockford officially became the Home of the Sock Monkey! All of our monkeys are 20 inches tall with an 8 inch long tail and span 19 inches from paw to paw.
The second feature is a nod to the Rockford Peaches. This woman’s baseball team was portrayed in the movie ‘A League of Their Own’ several years ago. The league began as a non-profit organization owned by Philip Wrigley. He organized the league into 4 teams in smaller industrial cities within a reasonable traveling distance from Chicago. The Rockford Peaches were one of the original four teams in the League. The rules were modified for the women who, for the most part, came from fast pitch softball leagues. Based upon their playing skills and femininity, players were paid a pre-determined salary and assigned to a team. Rockford had a strong bond with its fans and played in all twelve seasons of the League's existence. Terrie Davis gained honors for the Peaches by posting the best batting average in the League for the inaugural season.
Row by Row challenge:
We would love it if the talented applique lovers out there would “jump right into the deep end” and design a TAS Row by Row that represents your area. It can be the USA or it can be somewhere in Canada or Europe or other parts of the world. We want to see your home area through your design. We will post the pattern to our members every other month. Those of you who love to applique can take the pattern and turn it into cloth. Then, at the May 2020 annual meeting we will unveil the finished Row by Row Challenge with all the designs submitted and completed. This challenge has inspired me and the Stateline Appliquers have risen to the challenge and have made me so proud of their efforts.
For those who want to see the new updated rules, here we go:
 Rows should be 36 ½ by 10 ½-inches unfinished. They can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. The row must be at least 70 percent applique. The background can be pieced or plain. You can “bling” it up or keep it basic.
 The row should represent something about the city and state or country that you live in. It can be a skyline, an event your city is known for, a famous historical person or event…the sky’s the limit! Be creative! Use your imagination!

 The TAS bluebird and banner must be somewhere in the row. We want the blue bird to represent everywhere that TAS members are. When the rows are put together it will look like the bluebird is flying all over the place, visiting our members. Use the Bluebird and banner from the TAS name badge link. Pattern in members only section of TAS website
 Designs should be submitted by March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1, 2019 to We will post your designs in this year’s Blogs.
 There will be six groups of patterns in the TAS Blog beginning February 2019.
 Submitted pattern sections must fit on FIVE - 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. Send the FIVE - PATTERN SHEETS as a PDF if possible.
 The completed (quilted and bound) quilt will be sent to a designated address (to be determined later) by April 1, 2020. The finished quilts will be on display at the May 2020 TAS annual meeting. The TAS members will vote on who wins the prize of best TAS Row by Row challenge. The TAS members will also vote on their favorite Row by Row entry, too. The prizes will be unveiled as the challenge gets closer to the finish line.
Time to renew your TAS membership. You do not have to wait until May 1 to renew or join The Applique Society. $25 is a great value. We have lots of great plans for this coming year. The next newsletter will have interviews with 4 people who are in the Applique and Fabric world. The coming Year of 2019 and 2020 will have some very talented Applique people who have agreed to be interviewed. They are such wonderful and interesting people.
Hope to see many at the TAS 2019 Annual meeting. We are working on doing a “Live Feed” of the Annual Meeting this year.
With kind regards,
Anita M Smith
Founder of TAS