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Chapter Information

The Appliqué Society® chapters are a forum for members of TAS to come together as a group for the promotion of all types of Appliqué in quilting, to discover new techniques, to make new friends, and to encourage visitors to learn about the art of appliqué.Here, we provide the requirements and policies for chapters of TAS, guidelines for forming a TAS chapter, suggestions for chapter meetings, and an application form for registering your chapter with The Appliqué Society. 

Guidelines for Starting a TAS Chapter
Getting started:
1) Three TAS members are required to start a Chapter.
  • You can talk your friends into joining you in this endeavor or you can write to Chapter Administrator at to see if there are any TAS members in your area that might be interested and could contact you. 
  • Quilt Guilds and Quilt Stores are a good place to recruit members as well.
2) One of the members must be committed to a minimum of 1 year as Chapter Leader.
3) Lastly download a Chapter application from the TAS website, fill it in and send it to the address on the bottom of the form.
What you will receive:
  • A Charter as a new TAS Chapter!
  • Chapter Administration booklet outlining the organization and containing info and guidelines on how to run your Chapter. 
  • The Chapter Leaders Newsletter -  a quarterly publication that you can download from the website with a password gives added inspiration and help to Chapter Leaders and members.
  • A press release to send to your local paper with an invitation to other interested persons  to attend an organizational meeting.
 Your options:
  • You can stay small and casual and meet in each others homes or you can grow as large or structured  as you want.
  • Church halls, Recreational halls, Libraries and Clubhouses are among the favorite meeting places of larger Chapters.
  • Updating your Chapter information to TAS on request in March and September reports
  • Promoting TAS in the Community at least once a year.
  • Ensuring that your Chapter members are current in their TAS membership so that all receive the TAS Newsletter. New members have 2 meetings to decide whether they would like to join the Chapter and must at that time join TAS.
 Rewards:If you love Applique, Chapters are a wonderful experience that you will find inspiring! TAS is an international organization devoted to the promotion, teaching and sharing of the enjoyment of all forms of Applique. TAS Chapters take that a step further and give you the camaraderie of a group of TAS members. If you have any questions, please contact our TAS Chapter Administrator,
Suggestions for Chapters
  • Community Projects
  • A simple display of appliqué in a library or other public place with information that this is a TAS display  by your Chapter
  • Teach a group of schoolchildren or 4 H members the basics of appliqué.
  • Arrange to visit a Senior Centre for a Show and Share of your work.
  • Art Walks and  Community events are another option for displaying your appliqué.
  • Demo an appliqué technique at a Guild meeting or at a Quilt Show.
  • Write an article on your Chapter or members appliqué for the local newspaper.

Chapter meetings:
  • Meeting times can be as long as you want but 10am-noon, 10am – 2pm , 1pm -3pm and 7pm – 9pm are the most common.
  • Chapters normally meet once a month but that is up to the Chapter.
 Some suggestions as to what to include in meetings
  • Time to visit with each other while doing your own appliqué.  Have fun!
  • An update to members on what is going on in the appliqué world and your local area.
  • A discussion of something in the Newsletter.
  • Group encouragement for members who need help with a project.
  • Time for tea, coffee and goodies.  A schedule for bringing goodies is helpful.
  • Demo’s of appliqué techniques
  • Block a month of some particular technique  e.g. Baltimore, Celtic, Machine appliqué or whatever is of interest to the Chapter.
  • Playing of an instructional  DVD by a well-known appliqué artist.
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Library – discussion of new books that might be of interest.
  • Always!  SHOW AND TELL!
 Once a year ideas:
  • Visit the local quilt shop to discuss the new fabrics and how they will work with appliqué.  It is best to arrange this with the quilt shop owner.
  • Bus trip in summer!
  • Summertime meeting in the Park!
  • Visit another Chapter in your area and share!