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Annette Johnston Quilts - March/April 2021 Newsletter 

#2 Sweet Journey 2016, 72 x 72: needle turn applique, silk ribbon embroidery, hand dyed fabrics (all that are marked hand dyed are my own hand dyes)  The sailboat is the Bluenose 2 which I designed.  Blocks are from Elly Sienkiewicz' books. 

#3 Bachelor Buttons 2019 Blackbird Designs 71 x 76"  Needle turn.  Machine quilted by self 

  #4 This is my Caswell, but I don't have a name for it yet.  I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and drew the blocks from the photo of the carpet.  I designed the border myself.  It's small, 56" square.  I finished it in 2015. 

#5 Home Sweet Home. 74" x 74" Blackbird Designs

Needle turned, machine quilted by self. 2017 

#6  Izzys Choice, a Jeana Kimball Design 2019

Needle turn.  Hand quilted.  Put together potholder style.  

#7  My Artful Album.     2009  78" x 78"  A Jane Townswick design.  Needle turn, hand dyed fabrics, hand quilted by self. 

#8  Johnston Family Album  2009 43" x 43" 

Needle turn applique, silk ribbon embroidery, machine quilted by Cheryl Whitten, hand dyed fabrics.  Hung in Quilt Canada 2010.  Patterns from Elly Sienkiewicz 

#9  My Love For Thee 2013 Another quilt design from the Museum of Folk Art in NYC.  61" x 62"  which I drew the patterns from, then designed the border to go with.  Needle turn, Broderie Perse, hand quilted by self. 

#10 Feathered Princess Meets the 21st Century, 2011, 40"  40".  This was my first foray into designing my own quilt.  The feather has been around forever, the border I designed myself.  Needle turn applique, machine quilted by self. 

#11 Mama said – Sue Garman design 

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