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                                                           Sisterhood Block Request 

In the year 2000 Bunny Leighton designed a block for The Applique Society that captured the heart of the vision for TAS.
People from around the world from many languages sharing "The Love of Applique".
I made this center and asked for blocks to make this quilt. I received many over the years from people from around the world but would love to get more.
Since TAS is growing again and has many new members that have not seen this block or the request, I would love to ask you to make a block for this quilt.
I know some have told me "I keep wanting to make a block but keep forgetting to do so".
Let today be the day you make this block.
Someday this quilt will be in a museum to document TAS and also the many people who love applique and tell their story in the blocks that are made.
I would challenge you again to make a block in the style of applique you like and here are the instructions for this.
Please make and send your block to
Anita M Smith
P.O. Box 491
Freeland, WA 98249-0491
Block details
**Cream or Off White Cotton – washed
**7 inch block… I will cut the block so please keep the design inside the 6 inch design area
**Use a Pigma Pen or archival pen to write on the block
**Applique Design and/or embellishment is welcomed.
**on each block please include your full name, city, state, and country.
**Also include the date, month and year you completed the block.